Barriers and Fencing

From crowd control in the hight of 'Beatlemania' to the largest festival perimeter fence on earth, Live has the range of barrier and fencing systems combined with experts in crowd compliance that provide the highest level of security and safety. We also provide solutions for VIP demarketion and enhanced venue asthetics. 


With 50 years’ experience of supplying crowd barrier systems for use at some of the UK’s most high profile events, including the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, we have the track record and expertise to advise you what is needed, as well as being able to supply it.

Our range of barriers are also suitable for providing demarcation and restricting access on industrial and construction sites, enabling the creation of safe working areas.

Our extensive range of barriers includes a variety of solutions in aluminium, steel and plastic, each with differing capabilities, applications and options for installation.


It is vital to keep outdoor sites safe and secure. At Live, we have a vast stock of temporary fencing products available - from the most heavy-duty systems with anti-tunnelling properties, to aesthetic coloured fencing that lends itself to use on greenfield or open sites.

Through our range of partner services, we can also offer event and site branding services that can provide visually captivating solutions, advertising opportunities, and enhance your brand.

If you’re unsure of exactly what you might need for your project or site, speak with one of our Customer Service team by calling 08700 737373, or you can detail your requirements on our online enquiry form.


Eve has a huge range of barrier and fencing systems that can be used in each of the sectors in which we work to provide security, safety and demarcation. There are high, medium and low security solutions that come with a variety of applications and installation options.